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DCC Creme De Cocoa

I can confidently say that Cocoa has got to
be the best quality Curly Fox Trotter in the
world.  Our trainer, Alma DeMille, says he
has never known better quality Fox Trotter
in all the hundreds of horses he has
trained and he has known only about 10
that are equal to Cocoa's quality.  She has
it all...... incredible smooth gaits including
walk, flat walk, fox trot, running walk,
canter and gallop.  All these gaits are
easily achieved by the rider with just a kiss
to her or touch to her sides.

Cocoa is confident, athletic, light on the
reins and listens to her rider's every
command.  Her conformation is nearly
perfect and she has super endurance.
She is sure footed and very careful with
her riders and she has an amazing mind
which enables her to learn things 10 times
quicker than even other high quality
horses.   Alma could not stop gushing
over her!  When we went to his ranch to try
her out we saw exactly what he meant!!
For years I have seen Cocoa's talent,
intelligence and beauty, but it sure is nice
to have an expert Fox Trotter trainer agree
with me!!  We cannot say enough great
things about Cocoa!!

2007August 152
Sue's baby 050

Cocoa as a yearling
Note:  the mare she is standing next to is
our big 15.3 hand mare, Penny.  Cocoa  was
tall at an early age for Fox Trotters.

Cocoa 2

Cocoa has into a very large and
stunning buckskin curly mare currently
standing at 15.2 at four years old.   That
is good news for my very tall husband
since he claimed her as his future
riding horse long ago!   Though these
days, I think he might have to duke it
out with me for Cocoa.   :  )

She is one of only three known
buckskin Curly MFT's in the entire
world.  The other one currently resides
in Germany and one in Missouri, but
with this girl, that is just the icing on the
cake.   Her color is nice, but that's the
least attractive part of Cocoa.   lol!!

Her pedigree is only 1/8 Walker's Prince
T, and has no WPT II or inbreeding so
she will cross well with just about any
curly or straight Fox Trotter stallion.
She is from the Bashkir Curly Horse
bloodlines and double registered with
the MFTHBA and the ICHO.

It has been very exciting to watch
Cocoa grow up.   We can't thank
Wendy and Jim Howard enough for
breeding this beautiful mare and giving
us the opportunity to own her!  They
really knew how to choose the right
high quality MFT mares for their curly
stallions.   Her dam, Della, was an
excellent choice.  I can safely say that
Cocoa is a lifetime companion for our
family and will never leave our farm.
Cocoa is in foal to DCC Vegas again for
another spectacular foal April of 2011!!

Cocoa as a foal - Photo courtesy of Deserter Creek Curlies
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Lisa with her favorite horse under the rainbow.  So
classic!   (No, it's not put in artificially)  It was actually a
full rainbow and we just could not resist some photos.  : )

Lisa and our MFT trainer, Alma DeMille.
2008 filly, ZGC London is now with her owner in Canada
madison 2

She's here and she's
fantastic!!!  Cocoa had a
palomino curly filly for 2010
named ZGC Sahara.  We will
be keeping this one for our
family trail riding and