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Welcome to Zion's Gait Curlies!!

In Southern Utah, USA, in a place not far from Zion National Park, you'll find the home of some of the rarest horses in the world --- Curly Missouri Foxtrotters!! The qualities that make these members of the Gaited Curly Horse world (or gaited curlies) special are their generally calm nature, their beautiful curls all over their bodies which last a lifetime, their hardiness even in the coldest climates and a very unique trait--curlies are hypo-allergenic to most people, opening a whole new world to those allergic to horses.  The Missouri Fox Trotter is
America's number one trail horse for a reason...superb gaits and friendly dispositions make for comfortable and enjoyable trail riding.  Add to that the allergy-free and hardy properties of a Curly Missouri Foxtrotter, now anyone- including people who have been forced to avoid horses due to allergies-can start living the dream of horse ownership!!

We have lots of information about these unique horses on our website.  Scroll through the pages and don't forget to visit the sold horses and past foals pages. They have lots of photos and video and can be very interesting also.  Enjoy the ride as you learn more about these rare, beautiful and exciting gaited Curly Horses, the Curly Missouri Fox Trotter! : )

ZGC London currently in Canada
Photo courtesy of Chantal Goupil, photographer

Congrats girls!!  Lady and Champagne won the cover spot for the ICHO 2008 calendar.  The
"cover girls" were very excited!!

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You seen one Curly Fox Trotter you have seen them all, right?  Not true! In these big, wide-open spaces of the West, our horses are tested for endurance, high intelligence, smooth gaits and sure footedness as they glide through the sometimes rocky, sandy, and steep trails of Utah's "Color Country."  We ride all our horses in every kind of situation possible............. mountain trails, desert trails, river trails, in the city, at night, in the rain and wind etc. so we really know them and know what they will produce for you.  If you are shopping around for a Gaited Curly Horse or Curly Missouri Fox Trotter, be sure and ask for video showing their natural gaits and current training. Videos tell a lot about a horse and the people selling them.  I NEVER buy a horse without first seeing video.  It seems these days that many people breed for curls and color instead of focusing on the most important qualities in a gaited horse............ first and foremost EXCELLENT minds and second, smooth, comfortable riding gaits!!  What's a trail horse without those two essential things?   We are OBSESSED with continually producing better and better quality with each year's foal crop.  Please, do your research before you buy.

ZGC Kayenta currently in Sweden.  She is a smooth coat filly and though she didn't get the curls, she got everything else!!  : )

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Cocoa as a foal

Sundance as a foal

Special 2018 offer on frozen semen for this legendary hypo-allergenic Curly Missouri Fox Trotter Stallion! Yes, you can now produce foals that are allergy free!! New for 2018! You can choose between two stallion service packages for DCC Vegas. Click on the Stallion link and then click on the DCC Vegas pic