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Zion's Gait Curlies
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Homozygous for curly filly!!!  We
guarantee this filly will produce 100%
curly foals when mature or your money

ZGC Sahara

Cocoa's foal came first this year and
when this little girl arrived our level
of excitement cannot be described!!
Let's just say that foaling season is
far better than Christmas!!!!   We
struck gold with this curly x curly
bred palomino homozygous curly
filly.  Actually, Sahara is the ONLY
one in the world!!   When I saw the
coat on this gal, I went around
asking the expert advice of other
curly breeders and they agreed.
One usually has to wait for a foal to
shed out the yearling coat in order to
tell if the foal is homozygous for
curls, but in Sahara's case, I knew
right away.   She is an amazing girl
with those long legs and it looks like
she will have her mom's size and
gait.  Since Cocoa is my favorite
riding horse, I could not be happier.
I know that Sahara is homozygous
for curls!!  She shows every coat
marker breeders have linked with
homozygous horses from the Curly
Jim bloodlines.  See up close photos

madison 2
madiosn 3
madison 4

Sahara is progressing quickly
through her training sessions and is
now officially a pest!!  : ) She also
enjoys walks through our
neighborhood and through the
"spookiest" places I can find.  The
earlier they get adjusted to the
great big world, the better!  Thank
you, Pam Mifflin, for the great
name idea.  My husband and I love
it!   She will not exactly be a
"desert" of curly foal production,
but she is the color of the Sahara
sand, so it works.  ; )   I am sure
she will be a beautiful golden color
complete with white mane when

 She already has classic micro-
curled hair complete with a wiry
feel.  This gal is something very
special and I know she will produce
nothing but curly foals.  If you look
at the foals pages (and notice all
the smooth coats : ) you can see
what a benefit it is to have a Curly
Horse who only produces curls!!
We are proud to offer this gal for
sale to some lucky owner.


to Linda Nichols of Mountrain Trails
in California.  Thank you

Homozygous for curls!
Will be tall!
Only one in the world!

We guarantee that if Sahara ever
produces a straight haired foal for you,
we will give you a full refund and buy
her back!!  That is how sure we are
that she is homozygous for curls!