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Sensation's Golden

Words alone cannot express
my love of this mare!  Cameo
is, without a doubt, one of my
favorite straight haired mares
ever.  She is the perfect
combination of kindness,
intelligence, gentle yet firm
leadership in the herd,
willingness in handling and on
the trails and a beautiful old
style fox trot that glides like a
dream.  Not to mention the fact
that she LOVES all people, can
be ridden by pretty much
anyone and has much more
patience and common sense
than I do!  : )

Cameo stands at about 14.3 hands,
but is built like a tank and has the
strength to carry large riders with
ease.  She is palomino, a young 16
years old and has produced many
beautiful offspring that have her
same admirable qualities.  She has a
wonderful pedigree that is filled with
old style Fox Trotters.  Cameo is also
the grand daughter of the great Merry
Boy Sensation and the direct
daughter of Magical Sensation who,
later in life, was exported to

We had a real hard time deciding to
breed Cameo this year as she is
such a sought after trail mare in our
family.  Our very inexperienced 10
year old son feels completely safe on
Cameo.  Keeping our son safe is part
of what we love about her.  (Just
wish he wanted to ride more!  He
seems to like football much better
than horses.)   Nevertheless, we
decided that we very much desire a
foal from her and DCC Vegas so she
is bred to him for a 2011 foal.  Foal
will likely be around 15 hands at
maturity and be very big bodied and
stout.........just like I like them!!  This
will be Cameo's last foal.   Color
possibilities on this cross are solid
palomino, black tobi, bay tobi,
buckskin tobi or sorrel.

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Scroll down to see Cami's 2010 filly, ZGC Abilene

Want the look of a Quarter Horse
with the ride of a Fox Trotter??  Here
she is!!  Abilene is a smooth coat
curly bred filly and has both her
parents great characteristics and for
that reason, we love her!   She has a
fantastic muscular build and smooth
gait just like her parents.  Abilene will
likely stand around 15 hands.    She
is built very stout and strong.  I'm sure
she will easily carry a man or a
woman rider. She is confident and
friendly, has been imprinted and will
be taught everything we usually
teach our young horses.  We have
decided to offer her for sale.


Thank you and congrats to the
Buckner Family!

For Sale
ZGC Abilene