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About Curly Fox Trotters
Our Breeding Program
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Many factors are required to make a
fine quality trail horse.  Producing
curls in a Curly Fox Trotter is
important, but without solid
conformation, a gentle nature,
intelligence and smooth and
surefooted gait, the curls don't
matter.  We only choose straight
Fox Trotter mares and straight Fox
Trotter stallions who will contribute
these fine qualities to our curly
foundation horses.  Our preference
is old style Fox Trotters as they
usually have the fox trotting style
that we prefer for a smooth and
sure footed ride.

We also work hard to find strong,
hard working straight haired Fox
Trotters with good stamina to
breed with our Curly Fox Trotters.
The horses we produce must be
able to pack riders and supplies up
and down mountains with ease, do
hard ranch work, or excel in any
versatility events you wish to enter.

No horse is perfect, but we strive to
come as close to it as possible.
Because we enjoy our Fox Trotters
as trail horses for our family, we
won't compromise our high
standards.  We don't buy horses
we are not proud to breed and
proud to ride.  Our number one
priority is to produce the highest
quality, smoothest gaited Curly Fox
Trotters in the world!

Straight haired Missouri Fox Trotter stallion,
Pawnee Bill GLC

New pawnee
Sue's baby 046 Sue's baby 046
Sue's baby 046
Buddy and Vegas 091
HorsePic1a HorsePic1a
Dominant Curly Missouri Fox Trotter, DCC Vegas

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Scroll down to see client comments and references!!!

What do you get when you purchase a
Zion's Gait Curly Fox Trotter?

Ok, mother nature provides a great
quality foal, now it's up to us to start
them off right with good training!!!!  We
like to get them as ready for the big world
as they can be at such a young and
tender age.  All foals are gently loved on
and cared for from the day they are born.
They are lightly imprinted and then
allowed to bond with their dam for the
first day and we slowly introduce them to
kids, adults, dogs, farm animals etc.  We
do a less invasive version of imprinting
that we have found produces foals that
are very confident and trusting of
humans.  Initially, we just sit near them or
groom their dam and let the foal's natural
curiosity take over.  Soon the foal is
approaching people and loves being
petted and rubbed all over.  With the
curly foals, this process usually takes less
than half the time as it does with our
straight foals.  Eventually, all foals are
taught to want to be easily caught and
haltered, lead behind us and stop behind
us when we stop, back-up, pick up their
feet, stand tied, stand for grooming and
load into a trailer.  All training is done
using gentle, yet firm training techniques.
We also introduce them to the joys of
water by playing water games with the
hoses all summer long.  In our summer
heat, the horses usually come running
when we break out the hose!

Want to speak with some of the proud new owners
of a Zion's Gait Curly?  Scroll down and see
comments made by our clients.  Please contact
them too!   They don't mind talking about the horses
they love.  : )

2007August 152

Curly eyelashes is part of the curly horse package!  Many are
even more curled up than these on Cocoa.  : )

Quotes & Comments
From clients, trainers, nice people : )  etc......

"Lisa,  ....I'm especially impressed that you've been producing
fine gaited animals that are ALSO curlies! There are so few
really nicely gaited horses within the breed that I'm amazed
how awesome the curlies you're producing are!   I did a clinic
in Denver last week and told a couple about your curlies as
they have a son who loves horses, but has almost given them
up because of allergies."

--Alma DeMille, Gaited Horse Trainer
Demille Foxtrotters
"I have done 5 rides with treasure and the baby in
the mountains since the baby was born. It has been
a blast. Treasure is really a great riding mare, we
could not be happier with her. She bounced right
back from having the baby........"

"You have beautiful horses Lisa... you should be
proud of your accomplishments. If I can have a
breeding program similar to yours I will be happy


"I just wanted to take a minute and say how
impressed I am with your genetic research and
dedication to improving a really valuable breed.
Eventually I will have the set up for my own
curly/curlies as I have allergy troubled kids too, but
for now I am an appreciator of the breed.........."


"WOW, Lisa, what a handsome and NICE foxtrot, I
LOVE how nice he (DCC Vegas) holds it, even with
speed!! Absolutely gorgeous! "

Kim in Oregon

Hello Lisa,
you don't know me. I'm the husband of Susanne.
First of all sorry for my english. I hope it is not to
bad ;-). For my bankjob it is enough :-). Why I wrote
to you? Well, I only want to say THANK YOU. I
never saw Susanne so happy since the day she
knew that Durangos home is at Bavaria (the best
place in Germany :-)) You make her a dream come
true. She will have a good future with her horses
and specially with your Durango....................

So once again. THANK YOU !!!
God bless you, your family, horses and your future.
Have a good time and all best wishes for 2008

Yours Juergen

"You have made a fantastic training with London
and she is more advanced than some of our adult
horse in some circonstances like to be tie out
alone in the paddock with us working around, like
standing still when a ballon is sent close to her,
like to be alone in her paddock without doing
anxiety and more and more.
My friends are not used to have a horse so friendly
who are not scared of new things going on around
them.  They just do not understand yet that it is the
curly breed and for sure some training done too. I
will give them some time to understand that the
curly personality is very special.

I'll keep you updated."


Hi Lisa
Cassidy is doing great and is such a nice filly. My
daughter is enthralled with her curls :-) She has fit
in well with the other baby and 2 yearlings and has
found her place in the pecking order. I think she will
make a lovely mare and am so pleased with her. I
swear she made it here w/o losing an ounce- Bob
let her have the back of the trailer and she was
happy as could be. Thanks for selling me such a
nice one and one who meant so much to you. I will
update you with pictures from time to time so you
can watch her grow, too.
Lea & The Foxlea Clan

Below is an email written to us from Carmella's owner, Brad Hansen.  Thank you so much, Brad
for writing us!!  We LOVE to hear about how our curlies are doing!!

Carmella (We call her Meg because my daughter thought she looked like the color of nutmeg)

Meg is the first horse to greet you when you come to the farm. She loves to run and play in the field (especially with her best
friend Jag our 8 year old buckskin gelding). Her disposition is very kind and willing. She is a horse that anyone can enjoy from
the demanding trail rider who likes to move out quickly with a smooth sure footed ride to the little girl who hasn't ridden before
and wants to ride a nice kind horse. She will let you climb all over her, pick up her feet, and do anything to her as long as you
are kind. Our cat Gideon jumps on her back regularly and she just lets him play there. She is very trusting. Meg has been a
joy to train from day one. Once you teach her she remembers what was taught and doesn't need to be reminded. One thing
about Meg that is a bit of a negative is that she is a grudge holder. Soft gentle training methods are best. If you use harsh or
aggressive training methods then she responds poorly and will remember it and the person who inflicted it. Our trainer Jared
Callister said the following at the conclusion of her 30 day training.

1- She is one of the most smart teachable colts he had ever worked with. Responds to very soft and subtle cues.
2- Meg is very sure footed for a young horse. It is like she was born in the mountains. He mentioned that he had not seen
that sure footed action except in mustangs.

3- He said her foxtrot is very natural and had a nice flow.
4- He said Meg is very athletic and tough. He was impressed at how tough her feet are. He trained her in some rocky areas
and herded cows and her feet were like a mustang. (note: Meg is a barefoot horse)

5- Meg is very soft mouthed and responds to even the slightest lift of the rein. She holds a snaffle bit in her mouth with no
stress from the bridle. She holds it where she wants it.

6- Meg makes me look like a wonderful trainer.
7- Jared said that after 30 days she was at the stage of a seasoned 5 year old. Very quick learner.
8- Lastly he said Meg is the horse to choose to ride when you go to the stable for a reliable enjoyable mount.
At the ripe old age of 29 months Meg is quite far along in being the perfect fox trotter.
Great conformation, athletic, beautiful dark palomino markings (long curly white main), gorgeous head (small star on the
center of forehead), kind and gentle disposition, energetic, will move out quickly.  On my first ride since the completion of the
training we rode down a busy road in the city of Bountiful. The stimulation was all around us (cars, joggers, street workers,
lawn mowers, etc.) but Meg with her trusting attitude took it all in stride because she trusted me. I am very fortunate to own

Brad Hansen

Cindy, my four-year old mare, went to the horse trainer's two months ago and I rode her for the first time on Tuesday
(9/15/09)! It was wonderful. I was pretty nervous, but it went well. Cindy is so responsive and willing to please, I couldn't ask
for a better horse. I didn't use a bridle, only a halter with reins tied to it, and a saddle. Cindy only needs light leg pressure,a
cluck or two, and a little pointing her nose in the right direction to go forward, backward, left or right on the forehand, left or
right on the hindleg, or side-passing. Ray is a really great horse trainer!

Loretta Nielson

e-mail us!!
I just bought a colt from Lisa Perry of Zion�s Gait
Curlies and I have to tell everyone that this colt is
amazing. He is so well trained at 6 months. He
follows the lead rope wherever you lead him. He
ponies right along with the older horses. We took
him on his first trail ride and he went everywhere
we went without hesitation. The colt�s name is
ZGC Phoenix. We just love all his curls too. He
has such a great attitude. I would definitely
recommend to anyone to buy from Lisa. You
won�t be disappointed.

Linda Nichols
Mountain Trails Ranch
Esparto, CA

Well, Phoenix is the baby of the farm for right now. He sure
has won the heart of my husband. He says his name is
Shorty. Oh my, is Phoenix ever cute! And he has such an
attitude! He is just a doll. I gotta tell you all his antics. We
have him in a stall for a couple days till we get to know him
and figure out which horse will be best as his babysitter.  So
we got our saddle horses ready for a ride in the pasture and
we put Phoenix on a lead rope and took him with us. I have
to tell you that you did a fantastic job with him. We were
expecting a rodeo but no, he just leads right along and the
really neat thing is he follows the lead rope. We would switch
him off to different horses leading him and he just went with
the lead rope, never tried to follow the last horse he was
hooked to. Simply amazing. Slim wanted me to tell you that
you have done the best job of any of the horses that have
come here. Oh, I have to tell you that Phoenix tried and tried
to mount a 16 hand gelding. He has no fear at all and is very
independent minded. We even took him on his first trail ride
down the levy for a mile. What a kick he will be. We just love
him. Oh, and he has about an 18� overstride. Can you believe
that? For one so young and small. I would definitely buy from
you again! Keep up the good work. I am going to post to the
lists so people know what a great job you are doing.

Linda Nichols
Mountain Trails Ranch
Esparto, CA

Sometimes I ask clients to rate the horses they buy from us on a scale of 1 to 10 and why.  Here is one

Hi Lisa,

I think Morgan qualifies as a 10 for me. she is a sweet girl, we had a blast on the ride, i haven't noticed any
bad habits (unless you call backing up to pee in her stall a bad habit :) , i feel MUCH safer on her than i did on
Dalley so that makes all the difference in the world to me! I haven't been as excited to get out on the trail for
over a year so it feels great. Lonnie wants to rate Duke at a 8. He is a really good horse, we have had some
food aggression with his grain and Lonnie has had to work hard on that. He shies on the trail which is one of
the main problems we had with Danny, so Lonnie was pretty worried about that. He is not nearly as spooky
as Danny was, and Lonnie is determined to break him of that. Overall he is a great horse, just young and
needs to adjust to us. They have shed their thick winter fur and both look gorgeous. Morgan is growing in the
belly area and we are getting more and more excited about the baby. It will be alot of fun. Let me know if you
have any questions about our answers. Thanks again!! juli

Hope all is well with you, and we have decided the Duke is now a 10 on the 1 to 10 scale for compatibility with
Lonnie, so great work!!