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Moon Master's Hazie Girl

This gorgeous 5 year old velvet
smooth, jet black mare is a total doll!
She's such a love and puts her head in
your arms so you can hug her.  Her
previous owners called her Little
Blackie and it stuck with us too.
Blackie is a straight MFT mare, 5 years
old and 14.2 hands tall.  She is the
daughter of our wonderful mare,
Cameo!   She is a kind, loving and well
built mare just like her dam.  She has
smooth gaits and is great extra horse
on the trails with kids and beginners,
but is still a great ride for a primary
horse.  You will not find a more calm
five old and is the most naturally laid
back, confident and calm mare we
own!!  She is so calm and sensible that
I ride her all the time with my 6 year old
in front with only a bareback pad
around the city streets.  She also hauls
our little beginner kids around the

She is trained for gun fire and is
learning to neck rein.   I ride her all over
the place including night rides all over
the city and countryside.  Blackie
almost never spooks and if she does,
it's very minor as to not unseat a
beginner.   She does want to check and
see if you will agree to go back to the
farm when she first rides out, but that is
getting better everytime we ride her.
She's just a great gal and so fun to ride.

Blackie foaled a gorgeous dark bay
curly filly!!  What a looker and sweet
gal just like her dam!!

Blackie trail
 Blackie pictured here on a family trail ride
Blackie pedigree