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Zion's Gait Curlies
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ZGC Charlotte

Wow!!  What an
incredible beginning for
the 2010 foaling season!
We were blessed
with one lovely curly foal
after another.  Mind and
body and soul, it doesn't get any prettier  than this
beautiful curly bay filly!
Charlotte is such an
elegant little package.
Her gaits are beautiful
and she radiates. She is currently a gorgeous yearling fily!

She is exactly like her calm
and confident dam in a curly
bay  package.   Blackie is the
most trustworthy horse I have
ever known and trust her to
take care of the most timid of
beginner riders. Charlotte is
following in her footsteps and
will make a wonderful family horse for kids and beginners.
    When the school asked if we could bring a foal to share, we chose these two. Fifty kids came up and loved onCharlotte and they could not have been better behaved.   She is a big girl already at a year old almost reaching her dam's height. We think she will mature to 15 hands which is taller than both her parents which we are thrilled about. She will be a prime candidate to breed with many fine stallions including those who carry WPT or Sir Patrick bloodlines as she carries none of those.  We have plans, though, to breed her with the finest straight haired MFT stallions in the breed to further the genetic expansion and continual increase of quality of the Curly MFT!! We absolutely adore her and can hardly wait until she is full grown and she can be used as our family's next trail mare and probably trained to drive as well!!