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ZGC Sundance

This is one handsome curly palomino colt!!!  No white socks.......... only a thin white blaze.  Sundance is sired by Vegas and out of our mare, Della.  We have had three super nice other foals out of his dam, Della and all are great horses.  Two are trained to ride........ Cocoa and ZGC Carmella, and do an excellent job for their riders with amazing comfort, intelligent and quick learning minds and kind dispositions. They are exactly the type horses we breed for here at
Zion's Gait Curlies.

We thought about keeping him a stallion, but decided a show stopping curly gelding would be much more fun. We are so glad we did because he turned into a big sweet puppy dog who is so easy to handle and follows us around in hopes of a scratch on the back.  When mature, Sundance will reach 15.1 or more hands.  Siblings have turned a golden palomino and dark buckskin, so most likely he will have a golden palomino color at maturity.  He is spending the summer on the mountain with our other young horses, building strong bones and joints, learning all about crossing water, strange wildlife and braving the elements.  Sundance is a forever horse for some lucky human.  : )

Sundance is for sale.  All shots done, teeth just floated and wolf teeth pulled on 4-19-13.  Sundance is getting close to training so you can turn him into a great trail gelding!  He has a good steady disposition for a serious trail rider who wants amazing smooth, speed type gaits. To an experienced horse home only or someone who can afford trainers.  All young horses need to be trained right.

Sundance is sold