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Horses Sold in 2012

ZGC Remington

Trapp's Julie
In foal to Gone N Dun It
Due 3-23-11

Creme' de la Creme
Gold Papered!
In foal to Curly MFT,
 ZGC Dallas for 2012!

Dolly's Starlight




*Rebel's Charisma

Gold Papered!
For 2012 in foal to
 Hydro's Pawnee Bill!
Due 6-18-12



Smooth Criminal V.

Straight Haired Missouri Fox Trotter
Son of Danney's Golden Perfection V.


ZGC Cassidy


2011 Sold Horses
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 Payment Plans

We do offer payment plans on some horses for some clients.  Horse must remain at our farm
until final payment is made.  Please contact us for details.

Waiting List For New Foals

Are you looking for a specific gender, color or bloodline?  Please contact us.   We can put you on
our waiting list for new foals.  You will then be notified of each new foal as he or she arrives.
Those on our list are notified before we advertise "for sale" horses to the public.

 Would you like first choice for the curly foal of your dreams?  Clients who place a small deposit
will be given priority choice on the specific foal that they desire.  Please contact us for details.

Custom Breeding

Interested in a particular mare bred to a certain stallion?  We will consider custom breeding
requests.  Please contact us for more info.

What do you get when you purchase a Zion's Gait Curly Fox

All foals are gently loved on and cared for from the day they are born.  They are mainly allowed tobond with their dam for the first day and we slowly introduce them to kids, adults, dogs, farm animals etc.  We do a less invasive version of imprinting that we have found produces foals that are very confident and trusting of humans.  Initially, we just sit near them or groom their dam and let the foal's natural curiosity take over.  Soon the foal is approaching people and loves being petted and rubbed all over.   We take the dams and their new foals on walks all over the neighborhoods, orchard and lots of "spooky" places to get them used to their new world.  Eventually, all foals are easily caught and haltered, lead behind us and stop behind us when we stop, back-up, pick up their feet, stand tied, stand for grooming and load into a trailers..... both 4 horse and 2 horse straight loads.   All training is done using gentle training techniques.  We also help them learn the love of water by playing water games with the hoses all summer long.  In our summer heat, the horses usually come running when we break out the hose!  All curly foals comewith MFTHBA registration papers and ICHO registration applications filled out.

Want to speak with some of the proud new owners of a Zion's Gait foal?  Please contact us for a list of

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or contact us at: