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ZGC The Dark Secret

Breeding horses is very much a game of chance.  I am not a traditional gambler, but no matter how much homework we do matching up two horses, it's always a gamble on what will come out.  Sometimes the stars seemingly align and create something that is as close to perfection as one can dream up.  The stars aligned and we had amazing luck with Secret!

Out of the best mare we have ever known, Cocoa and a top quality stallion, Hydro's Pawnee Bill, Secret has seemingly taken the best of both of them.  With a strong build, intelligent mind, gentle temperament and incredible smooth gaits, I day dream about what the ride will be like someday!!  It makes my heart skip a beat to watch him float around gaiting.

We knew he is homozygous for the cream gene due to his white coat and blue eyes.  Now color testing was called for.  There were two more color codes to test for.......... black and agouti. I cannot describe my elation when the results came back!  You have to understand, I have searched for years to find top quality stallions who also had some interesting colors to add to our breeding program.  The results came back  EE Aa which means he is homozygous for the black gene!  AND he also carries agouti!  Secret has a big surprise hidden under that bright white coat!!  He is a homozygous for black, perlino.  This was amazing news with his great quality AND a big color bonus!  This is incredibly rare in the Fox Trotter breed.

So what does this mean??  He will always sire buckskin or smokey black foals and the mare can add color patterns or modifiers to that.  He greatly increases the chance of getting homozygous black foals from black mares.  Also, when bred to a mare who caries one agouti gene, they will have a buckskin foal 75% of the time.   It is fun to think of the color possibilities with Secret and different mare, but the real fun will be in the ride these foals give their owners.  The future is bright for this beautiful new stallion prospect!

Ironically, we have slowed down breeding substantially for now since our kids are growing so fast and we want to spend more time with them. We are offering Secret for sale to the right home.  We do hope to breed some mares to him in the future so that will be a consideration in our decision.


Thank you Karla!

Secret is headed to Missouri!!