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Cappuccino's Sapphire

I have wanted this mare for
years and finally had the
opportunity to purchase her!
Thank you John and Dawn!!
Sapphire is a very elegant girl,
with a very pretty head and has a
look about her and a way of
carrying herself that is very
classy.  One can see where she
gets her beauty as her sire is
World Grand Champion, Frisco
Cappuccino A.  She has an
excellent pedigree and has a
record of producing gorgeous
foals.  Her fox trot is wonderful
and super smooth, but because
she was not trained at a young
age she will continue doing for us
what she does
outstanding Fox Trotter offspring.

Frisco  Cappuccino A.
Sapphire's 2007 filly

In addition, she happens to be a
double dilute perlino in color so
her and Vegas will have an
excellent chance (75% chance)
of creating buckskin curly foals
to give to the world.  Sapphire is
currently in foal to DCC Vegas
for a buckskin tobiano, solid
buckskin, smokey black,
smokey black tobiano or
palomino foal next spring.  We
think the combination of build
and gait with these two will
produce amazing results and we
will be waiting on pins and
needles for their foal to arrive in
April of 2010!!

Sapphire's curly colt has
arrived!!  Wow!  He is
spectacular!!  We will have
video of this awesome boy as
soon as we can catch our
breath!!  ; )  Sapphire is bred
back to Vegas for 2011!

To keep our numbers down, we
are offering some mares for
sale.   Since we are keeping her
stud colt, we can offer her for
sale.  Sapphire comes with a
curly foal guarantee!!

$2,300 in foal to


Congratulations Becky in
Utah!  Thank you, Becky!

In the video on the
left Sapphire is
very pregnant, but
look at her back
where you would
place a saddle.
Can you imagine
the smooth ride
she would give
you?!  That's a
naturally gaited
Fox Trotter at it's


Sapphire's 2008 colt.  Okay, it's horses like this that make
me a horse addict!!  I'm dying to see her 2010 foal!!!   : )

Sapphire pedigree
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