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ZGC Princess Moon Beam

We decided to honor her late grandsire and named this little one after him.  Princess is a top quality palomino filly with a blaze, two white socks and gaits like a dream!  Out of Champagne Ice and Pawnee Bill, she will be an incredible ride when mature at about 15.1 hands tall.  She shows great promise to have the exact type of gaits we breed for and love to ride.  Gaits that will take you in total comfort from 0 to 12+ MPH.  She is also a total sweetie who is aready very comfortable with people.  We have been taking her on our usual walks so she can see the world around her and get used to everything that otherwise would be scary to a horse.  Princess also spent three months of her young life on the mountain living with cows and all sorts of wildlife getting her used to everything that normally would scare a new trail horse.  She already has a very calm disposition and the mountain made her even better! She will be an amazing riding mare!!  And don't forget, she will by hypo-allergenic too as she is out of a curly mare!

Sire is Hydro's Pawnee Bill

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