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ZGC Cinnamon Ice
"Cinnamon" is a very special red roan
filly.  She is the daughter of Strawberry
Ice.  Cinnamon's sire is the 15.3 hand
Curly Fox Trotter stallion named DCC
Red Ryder.  She should be tall and
mature between 15.1 and 15.3 hands in
height.  Her confirmation is very nice
with strong, straight legs and nice
round hindquarters.

She is double registered with the
MFTHBA and ICHO.  Cinnamon is also
one of the first blue papered Curly
Missouri Fox Trotters in the world.

She is growing up fast and getting
prettier everyday.  Since she is likely
heterozygous for curls, someday she
will have a long and beautiful mane and
tail like Princess Annie T.  We have
handled her since birth and her sweet
love of humans shows this.  Our
children feed and groom her regularly
and she is gentle as can be with them.

Her sweet and willing nature makes you
fall in love with her.  We had her trained
to lead, stand while tied and give her
feet in about three 5 minute sessions
and her smooth as silk fox trot is
beautiful to watch.  She gaits naturally in
the pasture and will make a wonderful
trail horse and/or mother in the future.

red ryder
Cinnamon's Sire - DCC Red Ryder
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Halloween and Horses 2005 076
Cinnamon's Dam - DCC Strawberry Ice
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Cinnamon with her dam, Strawberry and
our daughter who is allergic to straight
haired horses.

Thank you for the
inquiries.....Cinnamon is SOLD

She now lives near San Diego,