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Princess Annie T.

What can we say about Annie?  She is simply
wonderful!  Annie aims to please and is up for
any adventure.  Whether driving her on country
roads, riding her on rocky cliffs, or crossing
deep water, she does what you want her to do.
Her fox trot, fox walk, running walk and canter
are among the best in the Fox Trotter breed.
Always the first to greet you and the last to
watch you walk away.  She "talks" to us more
than any of our horses.  She just wants to be
with you.  Her 2nd foal, DCC Glorious Touch,
was the first Curly Missouri Fox Trotter to go to

Annie is registered with the MFTHBA and ICHO
and is a sorrel sabino Curly Fox Trotter.  She
stands at 15.2 hands.  Her big solid build and
good mind is a big asset to our family uses and
our breeding program.

Right now, Annie is Lisa's main trail horse.  She
is an excellent and obedient trail companion
and great with kids.  When we breed Annie, she
will be bred to Hydro's Pawnee Bill.

Photo coutesy of Deserter Creek Curlies

Annie's Accomplishments

** 1st place, driving class at Charity Horse Show, Owensboro,
KY 2001

** 2nd place, pleasure driving class, Kentucky State
Championship  Horse Show, Greenville KY 2001

Annie's 1st foal - DCC Queen Anne's Touch won:

** 2nd place, foal model class, KY State Championship Horse
Show 2002
Buddy and Vegas 267

 Annie is
and going to
Have a great flight, we'll miss you girl!


Annie arrived in

So glad she arrived safely!!
Her new owners are enjoying
her tremendously!

"Hi Lisa and family,
Here a picture of Annie in front of the carriage taken
yesterday. She makes
a really good job and we love her!!!"

Curly greetings
Family Riemann