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Pride's Bronze Lexus

Lexus is a gorgeous coming 6 year old bay straight haired Fox Trotter mare from fantastic bloodlines.  She has no white on her except a star.  When you look at her pedigree, you will have no doubt where she got her good looks and fantastic natural gaits.  When we saw her in a local listing, we could not resist! Lexus was bred and raised by a wealthy family in Northern Utah on their gentleman's ranch. When she came to us she was fat and happy.  They started riding her in her 4th year and rode her for the past two summers.  In December, we sent sent her to Eric Puffer for 30 days training.  She is still not perfect, but she is smart and wants to learn.  Eric did an amazing job!  We will be sending her to Alma DeMille's family in June for another 30 days to refine her gaits and give her more experience.  Lexus is beautifully built, stands at 14.3 hands, learns quickly and has those natural (easy to keep in gait) dreamy smooth gaits we love.  She is actually among the best naturally talented Fox Trotters we have known.

I want her finished right and to her greatest potential.  Experienced horse person only.

Currently  $2,000

Thank you Karla!  Lexus is headed to Missouri!

Lexus' Dam's Pedigree

Lexus' Sire, Bronze Pride at Alford Stables

Bronze Pride's ancestors include:

Missouri's Outlaw C. 80-17282 Chestnut

Pride's Bronze Spirit 10673 Buckskin

Missouri Traveler E. 6408 Sorrel

Princess Joy 7434 Sorrel

Pride Of Princess S. 6488 Gray

Poole's Miss Topsy F-9018 Black

Zane Grey F-2815 Iron Gray

Lady Anne F-2555 Chestnut

Gold Man F-2015 Golden

Ginger F-516 Sorrel

 Zane Grey F-2815 Iron Gray

Princess S. F-1485 Light Yellow

 Lady Anne F-2555 Chestnut

Golden Governor F-107 Gold

Nancy Ann F-166 Sorrel

Golden Rawhide F-407 Yellow

Roxie M. F-2022 Dark Sorrel

Rocket Dare F-186 Black

Lady Anne F-2555 Chestnut

Dusty F-176 Palomino