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ZGC Charlotte

 Mind and body and soul, it doesn't get any prettier than this beautiful curly bay mare! Charlotte is such an wonderful package.  Her gaits are beautifuly smooth.  She is also in foal to a great stallion!  She is currently a 14.3 hands at the wither and almost 4 years old. Her dam, Blackie (now passed away) was one of the most trustworthy horse I have ever known and trusted her to take care of the most timid of beginner riders. In January she had 30 days under saddle and did a great job!  See video below.

With great genetics as a broodmare, she is a prime candidate to breed with top quality straight MFT stallions as well as those curly stallions who carry WPT or Sir Patrick bloodlines as she carries none of those.


Charlotte is currently in foal to the 15.3 hand, super smooth gaited, Hydro's Pawnee Bill! We are super excited for this cross as we have been very impressed with all the foals we have gotten from him.  They are always very well gaited, intelligent and easy to handle with very mild and friendly dispositions.  This foal should be no exception to that!  The color posibilities are buckskin, palomino or smokey black. There is a 50% chance of curls on the foal.  100% chance of being hypo-allergenic!  Foal is due in June of 2014.

Since we have only 3 active riders and 9 horses, we have decided to cut back our herd.

 Charlotte is currently for sale at a reduced price due to an injury.  I do not know if she will be usable for riding.  I have not ridden her or had her to a trainer since the injury. Charlotte would need to be worked into riding slowly to determine if that is a possibility.
She is being sold at much less than usual for a curly broodmare for a quick sale. Contact us for more information.

Thanks Jerry!

Charlotte as a foal and her dam.......

Charlotte is in foal to Hydro's Pawnee Bill for a June 2014 foal.

Can see more of him at
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