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ZGC Champagne Ice

This gorgeous 7 year old curly mare was born and raised on our farm. She was easy to train to ride, accepted everything very well and eats up the trails with her lovely flat walk, fox trot and canter.  Champagne loves to go, and listens well.
She is a beautiful curly
palomino four year old MFT sired by the late stallion, Prince Moon Beam and is also homozygous for the agouti gene (AA) like her sire.  We were sad to hear that Moon passed away recently.  It's a shame there won't be anymore direct offspring of Moon, but his legacy lives on in Champagne, her offsrping and his other offspring.

Champagne is one of
only a few palomino Curly Fox
Trotters in the world  and
stands at 15.1 hands high.
She has lovely conformation
and nice smooth gaits.
Champagne is just a big love and desires to be with  people.
Champagne is from Bashkir
Curly Horse bloodlines and is
registered with MFTHBA (gold
papered) and the ICHO.  She is a great choice in a breeding
mare and has produced 2 colts and 2 fillies who all have fantastic smooth gaits!  She will even nurse other mare's foals should the need arise.  She is a GREAT mother!

Champagne has a lot of go and is perfect for a rider who is
 confident and likes a
horse who is not lazy.  Our 16 year old daughter has claimed her and Champagne is her current riding mare.  She LOVES her and rides her all over town and on the trails.

In 2012 Champagne's foal from this cross was exceptional in every way with smooth speed gaits to boot!  This year she had the same foal!  A palomino smooth coat filly! What are the odds of that?  More photos of filly to come.

Champagne and her filly is
under contract

Hydro's Pawnee Bill

click on the above link to see stallion

Champagne's new filly is here!!  Amazing!  She is an exact duplicate of last year's filly.  Same beauty, brains and smooth gaits!  This filly will make a super trail mare. See video below.....

Scroll down to see Champagne's new filly, Hope!