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Lobo's Blue Annie

We lost Blue in October of 2013 due to old age.  We are so grateful for 5 wonderful years with this grand old mare!!  Thank you Blue!!  We love and miss you!!

Many thanks go out to Alma DeMille for offering Blue to us in 2008.  She was 20 years old then.  We thought she was a bit of an "old gal", but bought her as a safe mount for our kids.   Much to our surprise, we soon found out that Blue is no "old gal!"  She out rides most mares on our farm and has incredible heart.  If there is a mountain to climb, Blue not only tackles it, but leads the way.  Most incredible of all, she can speed rack in the 20+ mph range and is one of the most fun and smooth rides we have ever experienced.  Blue is a TOTAL blast!!

Everyone in our family enjoys riding Blue!  Alma's family has ridden her hundreds of miles for many years.  Now we too have logged countless hours riding this great mare with our children and many guests who are new to horses.   With much hesitation at her age, we bred Blue to DCC Vegas spring of 2010 in the hopes of a precious foal to carry on her superior qualities.  We were blessed with a beautiful black based, grey curly filly who not only has Blue's fantastic smooth gaits at all speeds that make us drool, but also her confident and determined attitude. Bella will be a great trail mare just like her dam.

We tried one more time in 2011. This time the sire is ZGC Dallas and to our amazement, Blue gave us an exact duplicate of last year's filly!  She is a spunky black based grey curly filly with no white.  AMAZING!!  We are so grateful to Blue and Alma for this wonderful gift.  Both fillies will be found on our mare page.  Due to Blue's age and we just can't make anymore of those, they will never leave our farm.   Just like the fillies she gave us to carry on her legacy, she is a solid black based grey mare and stands at 15.1 hands. Now we are hitting the trails again with one of our favorite mares ever!!