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Zion's Gait Curlies
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Molly photo
Molly doodle

Molly is one heck of a trail mare
for those who want a smooth
ride at all speeds!!  This girl has
a naturally smooth gait and
goes all day!  Not only that, we
have clocked her at her top,
smooth speed and she comes
in at 12 MPH!!!  Talk about
heart and amazing endurance!
Molly is amazing.  My husband
is 6'5" and about 230 lbs. and
she carries him all over the
place with vigor.  Very light on
the reins and goes everywhere
we have asked her to go.  She
also rides out all alone and
does not second guess your
command along the way.  She
is as experienced as it gets and
has ponied countless young
horses introducing them to the
trail riding lifestyle.  She will
lead, follow or ride in the
middle, cross water etc. neck
reins and has a comfortable

Back at the farm she is not marish
at all and gets along well with all
the horses.  She pretty much just
minds her own business and is
very easy to get along with.  She
is very controllable, but due to her
higher energy level, she may be
better for a more confident or
intermediate rider............ just so
they don't get nervous.  She
settles right in as soon as the
initial excitement of a ride wears
off in about 10-15 minutes.  I
would really like to see Molly go
to an experienced gaited horse
riding home where she will be
appreciated for her great
qualities.  We have too many
horses (as always it seems!) and
are offering Molly for sale.  We
can breed her to our curly stallion,
Vegas if desired, but for now she
is open and ready to hit the trails.
Her teeth were floated in March
2010 and she comes with shots,
worming done and hooves
trimmed.  She has never needed
shoes for us.


Sold to Susan in CO.
Thanks Susan!!