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2007 June foals 061

Update!!  We bought Sedona
back about 6 months ago!!  She
is a three year old, pretty filly and
gaits like a dream!!  She is
currently at Alma DeMille's for
some ground training.  We will
have current photos and video of
her when she gets back home.

ZGC Sedona

Curly Sue has done it again!  Sedona may
be a "plain ole' red" filly, but WOW she
sports fantastic conformation (having a
champion model dam doesn't hurt) and a
great fox trot gait under that pretty
chestnut coat.  She is a Curly MFT filly
with no white socks and a small star.  We
had her DNA tested and she also carries
one agouti gene so it's possible for her to
produce bays and buckskin foals.  She is a
sweet and curious girl who loves a good
scratch.  To us, she looks like a chestnut
version of her full sister from last year,
ZGC Sienna.

 Like the other curly
daughters of DCC Vegas,
Sedona has no Walker
Prince T. or Sir Patrick in
her bloodlines and can be
bred with most curly
stallions.  We, however,
envision for her to be bred
with top quality double
dilute or homozygous
black, straight haired MFT
stallions to guarantee color
to be added to her already
top quality gait,
conformation and curls.
She is not the tallest gal
standing at only about 14.1
hands.  As a young horse
she was undernourished
for about 6 months and it
may have stunted her
growth.  Hard to say for
sure as the Lucky Touch
bloodline grows very slowly
and we have had a couple
three year olds shoot up in
their 4th and 5th year.
Though not very big now,
she is healthy and strong
and has been nourished
well for a long time.  Even
if her growth was stunted,
she has the genetics to
produce larger
babies...........  I would say
around 15 hands.  We
were planning on keeping
Sedona to raise top quality
curly foals out of her, but I
have been having the
hardest time deciding what
to do this foaling season!  I
usually keep one curly foal
at the most, but this year I
simply have to keep two.
So, I have to pick some
others to offer for sale.

Due to the discounted price
I bought Sedona for and
her possible size issues, I
can offer her for a GREAT
price.  Less than a foal


2007 August horses 318
Sedona's Dam, Curly Sue
Clipboard Image

Sorry about the old, muddy photos.  (Taken
Dec of 2009)

Clipboard Image