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Zion's Gait Curlies
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El Dorado
2009 horses 054

ZGC El Dorado

Our curly dream colt has arrived!
Until now, this breeding season
seemed to have been a bit
unproductive and unusual as far
as our Curly Horse goals since we
received all smooth coat foals.
Well, I am overjoyed to announce
the birth of El Dorado!!!  He is the
second curly to curly breeding
done at Zion's Gait Curlies.  I
must say, with results like him and
London from last year, we are
going to have to do this more

El Dorado is about as perfect as I
could have hoped for in a Curly
MFT stallion prospect.   His
confident and curious disposition
makes him easy to work with and
highly trainable.  His smooth and
already square gait is second to
none.  Being the product of DCC
Vegas and DCC Rebel's
Charisma, we would expect
nothing less.  We adore the dark
palomino and 4 white socks and
let's not forget that he is 100%
non-Walker Prince T or Sir Patrick
and has a good chance of being
homozygous for curls!!   I would
like to thank Wendy SauersSmith
for breeding his sire and dam in
the first place!!  This little guy
might be considered the
culmination of all her hard work.
I guess we can give Charisma and
Vegas a little credit too.   : )

El Dorado arrived in Germany!!


Update:  Wonderful news for this up and coming stallion!!  Throught color lab testing, we
just found out that El Dorado is homozygous for agouti (AA) which means that he can only
produce bay, amber champage and buckskin foals when bred to black based mares!!!

2009 horses 048
e-mail us!!
Hi Lisa
I am sure Marion told you already but I also wanted
to let you know that El Dorado has arrived very well
to Germany.
You should call Gisela (who is running our
quarantine), she just loved the little guy, he was just
perfect to handle and stayed calm for the whole trip.
great character, incredible for such a young horse,
Gisela said she never had a yearling for quarantine
that impressed her so much. He was just the star of
the show, everybody wanted to have him, the
people in quarantine, the grooms on the flight, the
people in Luxemburg where the plane arrived. We
could have sold him 10 times on the way I think :-)
I attached you a few photos from Luxemburg, the
horses stayed there overnight which was great for
them to rest
Thanks for sending such a nice horse to Germany,
best regards,

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Hi Lisa,

Dorado is at home! Yesterday evening we came
from the airport to home. We drove nine hours to go
home. He did his job very well. I was afraid, I did not
get him from the quarantine station ;-) Everyone
who works there, or saw him, wanted him! Each of
the other horse greeters at the airport, had already
heard of him.
 He is so beautiful, quiet, cool, friendly, easy, good-
natured, sweet, great! Thank you for this wonderful
horse! And thank you for training! .

If we had had the opportunity to know him, we
would have immediately brought him to us! He is a

Lisa, thank you to you and your family for this
dream of a horse!!!
El Dorado in the middle ready to fly to Europe

For everyone who has wondered how they ship those
horses over to other countries, here is a peek at the
process.  This is the transport stall that our curly stud
colt, ZGC El Dorado traveled in!!  See him in the middle.
They load them up and then a crane moves them into
the cargo compartment of the airliner.  About 12 hours
later they arrive in their new home in Europe.