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Zion's Gait Curlies
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2008 Danney Joe Dusty 016
2008 Danney Joe Dusty 075
Danney Joe Dusty

Danney Joe Dusty

  Meet Dusty, this DIRECT son of the
legendary Danney Joe W.   I must say,
when this boy stepped off the truck, he
exceeded my expectations!  Because of
my love of the late, great 1967 World
Grand Champion, Danney Joe W. we
took a chance on Dusty.  (Actually, I
tracked him down by searching on the
MFTHBA Database and calling people I
didn't know for weeks!  No, I'm not
obsessed or anything.  lol!!)  Boy am I
glad we took a chance on him!!  He is
far better in person than the few
snapshots I had to go on when we
bought him.

Dusty is not just a pretty boy, when I
saw him move I felt giddy.  He moves
like a dream and it's all natural.  His past
owner rode him as his main riding horse.
Dusty has been on countless trails,
bareback or with a saddle and was his
parade horse of choice.  He is such a
mellow guy and easy to handle.  Once
he settled in, it was like we bought a
gelding!   The stallion fencing with
electric we installed sure was over kill!!

  Dusty is 15.2 hands.
The Danney Joe horses
are known for their larger
size and this boy is no
exception.  He also got
DJW's great disposition,
beautiful looks and
smooth flatwalk and fox
trot.   Dusty is the last of
a legendary era in the
Fox Trotter world and is
currently 18 years old.
He is classic old style
Fox Trotter all the way
and one of only 4 living
direct sons of the great
Danney Joe W. in
existence.  Until now,
only one of those sons
has ever offered shipped
semen.  This is a great
opportunity to have
some of Danney Joe's
legendary Fox Trotter
bloodline on your farm or
in your backyard!

 Yes!  We are offering
shipped frozen semen on
Dusty!  He did a great job at
the collection facility and we
currently have  frozen semen
in storage and ready to ship.

We have frozen semen stored
from Dusty, so future shipped
semen stallion services are
available through Zion's Gait
Curlies.  Contact us if you
would like to receive a

2011 Stud Fee - $500

Multiple mare discounts available
All mares must be approved

 Fee per shipment:

Frozen Semen - Always available
(Dusty's current shipments have a 45% post thaw motility)

$150 to U.S.
$300 to Canada

Includes two doses of semen
Second shipment can be shipped if needed for an additional shipment fee, but most mares
conceive with the first 2 doses
Clients must provide one week notice on semen shipments
If client needs a rush shipment a $75 charge will apply

Booking Fee - $100.00
(non-refundable but applies to stud fee)

In February of 2008 Dusty was tested and certified negative for EVA.
To protect him and our clients, he will be vaccinated for this virus annually.

Equine Semen Thawing and Use Instructions
click here

Is Cooled semen better than frozen?

Cooled semen is highly dependent on many factors. The quality of the semen produced at the time of collection varies
among some stallions. I.E. some stallions need to be "cleaned out" for a few days before the really good stuff arrives for
shipping. With frozen semen, they only freeze at top quality. The stallion will sit at the collection facility until his very
best semen arrives for freezing. Another huge factor is the shippers. I have heard of shippers not getting the package to
the recipient in a timely manner and the semen is no longer viable. Frozen semen is shipped in a mini nitrogen tank that
keeps the semen frozen solid for 2 weeks if needed. Delays in shipping is not an issue. The final problem is sometimes
a mare will hold onto an egg for longer than the vet suspects or releases the egg to soon and the semen is not available
at the perfect time. The frozen semen is sitting in a freezer waiting for the perfect moment for insemination. Frozen
semen solves all these problems and with the skilled handler is a much better choice and has a higher success rate
than either live cover or cooled.  Contact the most highly skilled repro vet in your area for more information.

2008 Danney Joe Dusty 092

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Danney Joe W. is the 29th horse listed

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