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ZGC Durango

What an amazing foaling
year!!!!!  Yehaw!!  Durango is
a gorgeous black and white
dominant Curly Missouri Fox
Trotter.  In fact, when he is
grown he will be the only black
and white Curly MFT stallion in
the world!!  I must say, this
little guy is going to give his
sire, DCC Vegas, a run for the
money.  He carries Vegas'
extremely rare curly bloodline
and he is also bred out of the
curly MFT gene pool to dilute
that bloodline even further.
Durango can be bred to all
curly and straight MFT mares
(besides his dam  : )  without
any risk of inbreeding.  I hate
to say it, but watch out, Vegas,
a new kid is on the block!

Durango is well built with nice,
straight legs, a good shoulder
and he should be around 15 to
15.1 in height.  He is sweet
and friendly as can be and, like
his dam and sire........he is a
smooth gaited dream!


It's hard for us to part with this
beautiful new stud colt, but Durango
is going to Germany!  We think
Durango will do an excellent job of
representing DCC Vegas in Europe.
Finally, Vegas' bloodline will be
available in Europe!  Many curly and
MFT breeders will be VERY happy
to hear this news!  In the future, we
will be providing further information
if you wish to make Durango part of
your future breeding program.

Congratulations Susanne!

2007 oct horses 103

Durango Has Arrived Safely In Germany!!!!
Thanks for the great news, Susanne!

Hi Lisa

WOW We are sooo impressed!! He is soooooo cool! I never ever met a horse
that was that cool like he is!

Now, where should I start?  We arrived at the airport before the horses did. We could not imagine
before, but we were told that over 4000 horses pass through that freight
gate within one year!! So we waited... And waited ... And waited and saw
many horses getting loaded into the horse cargo boxes........... as i turned back my
head... HE was standing there!!! UFF
I got him and welcomed him here and he gave me his heart. Such a wonderful
young boy!!!! He followed without asking anything into our trailer and
waited quite and tired for the start of the next trip. While I was petting
him, he started to take a little sleep until the next trip  ; )
Then we drove about 4 hours to the barn of the Pauwels-family and their
horses. Durango's companion, Playboy, is owned by them as you know. Unloading
was wonderful and he backed out of the trailer there!!!!
We put both into the paddock, gave them fresh water and hay and they felt
excited and started runing to the other horses outside the fence.
The night they were in a stall. The next morning we continued our way home. He did
not complain, that he was going on his own without his companion!  He did not
make ONE noise! Or take a look........ where are the others? SOOOO COOOL !!!! WOW

Also the whole trip home of 7 hours was NO Problem at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We came home late because it was so much traffic there  : (
So I put him in a box for the night, next to my pregnant mares.
They welcomed him very fine!

So now he´s in his box for night, and in the day he is out with my two spotted
mares.  He is really so cool and fine!  Thank you sooooooo much for the trailer

Have a nice time!
Hope you enjoy the fotos!
Will write again soon!


Susanne Heid
+ Australian Shepherds
+ Missouri Fox Trotter

Durango with his owner, Susanne

Stud fee is ONLY for his
FIRST breeding season now:
800 Euro for MFT and Curly
mares!!  Act fast, this low
introductory price will not last

More information here at
Rainwood Ranch


e-mail us!!
Durango at 3 years old!

Gorgeous boy and great work Susanne!!!!
We love seeing owners getting their
horses out there doing things and taking
GREAT photos!!  Thank you!