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Zion's Gait Curlies
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ZGC Kayenta

Around the farm we call her
Kayti.  Thank you, Judy
Nelson, for the great name
idea.  This little gal has
absolutely stolen my heart!!
Maybe it's the gorgeous build,
the great hip, the gorgeous
color, the doe eyes, the
beautiful paint job or her
fantastic gait?!  Actually, those
things are all wonderful, but
what really won me over is her
sweetness.  This girl is 100%
honest.  Kayti adores people, is
curious and puts her whole,
trusting self out there.   She's
exactly what we love in a family
trail mare.

She was born from two curly
parents.  Yep, she had a 25%
chance of being a smooth coat
and that is what she got.  I
have to admit that at first I was
quite disappointed, but I'm so
thrill with everything about her,
I don't even think about it
anymore.  She is perfect the
way she is.  Being from two
curly parents, she will still be
hypo-allergenic which benefits
our family greatly.   So, since
we don't mind that she does
not have the curls, we have
decided to hold onto this girl
for our allergic family.  Kayti
will remain with us and be a
future riding and broodmare.
We will have video soon.

To Marianne Bornemark of Golden
Gaits American Curly Horses
Tjornarp, Sweden
Thank you Marianne!!

Sometimes we are persuaded to sell a
horse we intended to keep.  Kayenta
is going to a lovely home!!  We
shouldn't keep all these horses
anyway.  :  )  We will announce her
new owner and destination when she
leaves the farm.   We are submitting
the above photo to the MFTHBA
contest for the most beautiful baby
photo of the year.  We just can't get
over the beauty of this little gal.