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ZGC London

May we present, London, our
first curly to curly cross!!!   Yes,
she is the first foal by Vegas and
Cocoa!  She is an excellent
example of the kind of quality we
are shooting for when we cross a
curly to a curly.  Too many times
people cross certain curly horses
mainly to ensure they get curls or
maintain certain registration
papers.  We would rather get a
straight coated foal of excellent
quality than a lesser quality curly.
This girl shows that we can have
quality and curls.  If this is a
preview of foals to come with
Cocoa and Vegas, then we're

Where do I start?  London just
oozes with class!  I adore her dark
bay color with long black socks.   I
love a good quality, solid colored
horse.  Get passed her beauty and
elegance and you will find a very
talented little girl.  London gaits
with perfection just like her dam
and has more length of stride than
her sire, but all the smoothness.
There is no pace on this girl!

Because of those long legs and
her parents genetics, I imagine
London will easily reach 15.2 at
maturity.  Vegas has produced
several offspring that are turning
out to be even larger than their
dam or him.  Since she is the result
of a curly to curly cross, there is
the possibility that she could be
homozygous for curls.  She also
has only 1/16 Walker Prince T. in
her pedigree so can be crossed
with any curly or straight stallion in
the future.  She is also one of only
4 or 5 bay Curly MFT's in the
world.   One would have to search
far and wide to find another like
her!  London pretty much has it all!

I have gone back and forth,
back and forth and back and
forth again trying to decide
whether or not to sell this little
girl.  The fact is that we have
lots going on right now and we
do own the factory.  : )  Vegas
and Cocoa are staying right
here!!  Therefore, we are
offering London for sale to the
right home.


London is to be the
first Missouri Fox
Trotter to be imported
into Quebec!!!

 Congratulations to Marie, Frederic
and Cassandre!!  London is
headed to Quebec, Canada where
she will have a wonderful home!!


London has arrived at her
new home in Canada!!!!


Photos courtesy of Chantal
Goupil, photographer

e-mail us!!

London as a 2 year old.  She looks more and
more like Cocoa, her dam!!  Just stunning!!!!
Thank you for the photos Marie-France!!!