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Zion's Gait
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ZGC Athena
Peaches' 2010 smooth coat filly

ZGC Athena

ZGC Athena

Athena has it all!!!  This
Gorgeous buckskin tobiano
smooth coat filly is a total doll
and gaited to the hilt as you can
see in the video below.  She is
the type horse that will require
no special training to get that
super smooth ride that gaited
trail enthusiasts dream about.
Athena is ALL natural.

Talk about smart.  Athena is
also very easy to train and
loves people.  She will be
around 14.3 when fully grown
and be a stocky and gorgeous
dream mare for some lucky
owner.  This gal is the total
package with the bonus of her
flashy buckskin tobi coloring
AND the fact that she carries
precious hypo-allergenic genes
from her sire and would be
perfect for someone who has
allergies to horses.

We had planned on keeping
Athena, but as often happens, I
have conceeded that  my time
is short and with an entire herd
to care for, I have decided to
offer this gal for sale.  She is an
absolute dream and will be
someone's forever horse for
sure.  We will have updated
photos and more video soon.


Sold to Marcia in Colorado!  Thank you Marcia!  We know you will love her!